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How To Get One Way Links To Your Web Site

The most important thing you can do to get a good placement out sideof quality content is to have many one way links to your site. A one way link is a link that comes to your site and you have no link returning to it.

One way links are become much more important now that Google is frowning on reciprocal linking. A large number of reciprocal links on your site can actually hurt your web position in Google. Also remember that not all links are created equal. It appears that Google only pays attention to links from a page that has a page rank of 3 or better. Here is a great tool for your web promotion. It shows how many links Google counts to affecting your page rank as well as many other features. Type in a URL and you can see how many links Google counts and how many total links to your site.

Hot to get one way links to your site

The most important thing you can do is to make a quality site that other people want to link to. Foe example, you are making a fishing site. If you have enough quality information and your visitors find your site very helpful some of them will link to your site so their visitors can have access to your quality information. Another example would be a good regional site. If you have the best website for the town you live in. Then many people, businesses and local government sites will want to link to you. For more information about building regional pages click here.

Directories provide one way links

Submit your site to major directories. Once upon a time I said to submit your site to every directory. Doing this could prove between 50 and 100 one way links. But now Google is looking at many smaller directories as link farms. Not only does a link from these sites not help but some could hurt. The most important directory to get into is Dmoz. This directory can be hard to get into so we have added a page, How to get into Dmoz.

Other top directories for one way links

GoGuides: I no longer recommend because of the $69 price to get included. But at least it is refundable if your are not added.

JoeAnt (Librarian's Index to the Internet)

Skaffe their page rank has dropped so inclusion is questionable

Vlib difficult to get in but with a page rank of 9 it is worth a try. But do not even try unless you really have a great site on your subject.

Below are two links for other directories. Human edited are the best. Most of these are not but if the page rank is above 5 they could be worthwhile. (You can check the page rank of sites with the Google Toolbar.)

Search Engine Colossus This is the largest search engine directory I have seen. It is divided into countries. It contains both search engines and directories.

Locate industry-specific directories and submit your site to them. For example, if your site is on a health topic, look for health-related directories. I have my arthritis site listed in every health-related directory I can find. Writing articles for one way links




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Write articles and submit them to article directories on line. Be sure to include your bio with a link to your web site. This sets you up as a person of knowledge on the subject if you write timely and informational articles. There are dozens of article directories most of them with a decent page rank. The nice thing about this is the page your article is on is not a page of links and your article makes up page content. This is the best type of link you can get. Below is a place you can find many article directories. Also the main purpose of these directories is to provide online content for web site and ezines. If your article is good your link may show up on several web pages and ezines.

Directory of Article Directories

Take the same articles and submit them to online newsletters on the subject you are writing about. Netterweb is a good place to start. You search for an ezine (online newsletter) by topic. In the results each ezine has a short description. You can click the full listing link with each ezine and it will tell you if they axcept article submissions.

Put the articles on your web site. Add a note that people are free to use the article as long as it published complete with the author’s bio intact.

Other sources for one way links

Fill out your public profile with every web portal you belong to. Sites such as Yahoo, Lycos and other major search engine you can create your own portal with you own news and information on it. Many other sites let you create a free account such as game site, news sites and health sites. With most of these you can have a public profile that other members cans see. Be sure you have a link to your site in all of these.

Write regular news releases about the topic of your site and submit them to topic-related web sites and Internet news wires such as PRWeb and Business Wire. There are a lot of good sites with information about how to write a news release.

Create a blog on your site and submit to blog directories. There are a growing number of blog directories out there. Just type blog directory into a search engine and you will find many.

Many business associations will list their members web sites on their site. I built an antique site for a friend. We had it listed in the local Chamber of Commerce site, the downtown association business site, the antique business site for that town and several antique business associations.

Submit your site to all the local portals for your area. Most cities have city pages, local shopping web sites and local information sites. Under the final section below under using search engines for one way links. Do this with your town.

Write an ebook. Organizing articles that you right in to a book can do this. When I finish this site I plan to put most of the information in an ebook. There are many good sites about writing ebooks. Then submit your ebook to ebook directories.

Using search engines to find one way links

Use a search engine to find place to link based on the topic of your site. Links from sites that have similar content rank higher in the search engines. Just type in your subject and one of the phrases below. I recommend using Google or Yahoo. When you put a phrase in quotes it makes the phrase an exact search. Remember you are looking for quality links. I do not ever bother with any site that has under a page rank of 3.

"Add web site" "Add your link" "Add a link" "Add a site" "Submit URL" "Submit a site" "Submit site" "Submit link" "Link submission" "Suggest a link" "Suggest a URL" "Recommended a site" "Suggest your site" "Link directory" "Add-a-link" "Cool sites"

Look for one way links from your competition.

Do a keyword search in Google to see which are the top web sites for those terms. In the search field at Google type link: and then the domain for the site.

When you do this you can see all the sites that link to that URL. Assuming that you have a good site then many of the sites should be willing to link to you. Most will want a reciprocal link but if their site has a good enough page rank then the trade is worthwhile. One way links through discussion boards and guest books.

This is another way to get one way links to your site. Google does not pay much attention to them but other search engines count every link. Do not go wild with this because it could hurt you if too high a percentage of your links come this way. When you are in a discussion board do not Spam it. Legitimately join the discussion and add a signature behind your name at the end. For a guest book, take the time to look at the page and make appropriate comments. Some have a place to leave a link if not add it in a signature.

What you do not want to do to get one way links

One thing you never want to do is buy links for a link exchange. You will see sites that offer 100 to 500 more one way links to your site. These are link farms. It is the quickest way to get banned from Google or Yahoo forever.